11 Plus success – Kent & Medway Test

The 11+ or Kent and Medway tests, as they are often known as, is an  examination for entrance to a grammar school.  This is taken by Year 6’s in September.

The first test will be a multiple choice English and Maths paper with a separate answer sheet. The English test is the first section. The test will take an hour. Each section will involve a 5 minute practice exercise followed by a 25 minute test. The English section will involve a comprehension exercise as well as some additional questions drawn from a set designed to test literacy skills.

The second test will be a multiple choice reasoning paper. It will take about an hour, including the practice sections and questions. It will contain a verbal reasoning section and a non-verbal reasoning section of roughly the same length, with the verbal reasoning first. The non-verbal reasoning will be split into four sections, administered and timed individually (as in the previous tests).


For the 11+  preparation is key; children will be unfamiliar with the types of questions presented to them on exam day and need to spend time getting used to the way in which they are examined if their ability is to be recognised.


Children will also need to learn important exam skills and develop the ability to adapt their knowledge and skills to different situations. These are all important life skills and will be invaluable to children, irrespective of which type of school they ultimately end up attending. In that sense, therefore, there will be even greater value in tutoring children in the years leading up to the  tests because they will be developing skills that will be more relevant to their schoolwork and will help to boost their levels across the board.


Because the 11+ is not part of the National Curriculum, many children, especially those at state primary schools, find they have not covered all the topics on the 11+. Our qualified tutors are familiar with the requirements of the tests and can help your child develop the skills and knowledge they need to pass the 11+ and/or entrance tests.

In the News – Changes to Kent Test 2014

Kent County Council have introduced changes to the Kent Test for children taking the tests in 2014.


Although the exact question types will no longer be publicly known, it is always possible to boost performance by coaching and practice of the right areas. The tests will still include verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning. Therefore, any preparation done for the tests needs to be broader than in the past and should involve a strong grounding in core numeracy and literacy skills.


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